Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

1. I came across this today.

It broke my heart. I could not stop crying. I couldn't have read it at a better time though because just yesterday this could have been one of my boys. Timothy and Mason were in Taylor's room, where both of their dressers are along with Taylor's crib and the book shelve. I thought they were reading books. Out of nowhere I hear a loud crash and they both came flying out of the room in hysterics.

I ran into the bedroom to find the dresser tipped over, the lamp, diapers, and radio on the floor. All the drawers were open, and the only thing that kept the dresser from tipping all the way over was Taylor's crib. If they would have climbed on the other dresser, I am not even sure I want to imagine what would have happened. I asked Timothy why he was climbing on he dresser, and he said he was trying to sleep in the drawers. I am very lucky that they are both OK.

And now my next purchase is going to be finding something to secure the dressers to the wall, really any piece of furniture that can tip. Because his can happen to anyone, and it happens more often than you think. I am not sure why you don't hear about securing furniture more when it comes to baby proofing your house. You hear about securing cabinets so they can't be opened, and covering outlets.

2. Along with the safety theme and baby proofing....Taylor is determined to find any little spec of whatever on the ground and put it in her mouth. Now I know that babies putting everything in their mouth is nothing new, but man, she searches the floor for anything she can find. And she finds it too! Lint, a Cheerio, a piece off of a hot wheel, anything.

So now I can't put her on the floor and walk away unless I have just vacuumed. And let's be honest in a house with 2 little boys the carpets are hard to keep spotless. Which makes getting anything done around the house nearly impossible unless Taylor is napping or in the Jumperoo.

3. The other morning I made pancakes for breakfast. I had some leftover, and so I did what this momma did, and we had peanut butter pancake sandwiches. Except mine were just regular pancakes.

They were a hit! Timothy had 2 sandwiches. As a kid I remember my dad always putting peanut butter on his pancakes in the place of syrup. I always thought it was gross. I guess Timothy is taking after his paw paw!

4. Oh and Taylor lets not forget about Taylor and how much she is eating and growing lately.

This girl can eat, and she LOVES her food! She still nurses about 4-5 times a day give or take. And eats baby food at least 2-3 times a day. Just recently though she has been eating 2 jars at one sitting!

Which is just crazy to me because Mason, who was also exclusively breastfed did NOT like baby food. I could not get him to eat until he was at least 9-10 months old and even then he wouldn't eat baby food, only table food. Timothy who was not breastfed, at baby food from the time he was 4 months old until he was about 9 months old and then he ate table food. He also LOVED his food.

She will also eat EVERYTHING. Peas, bananas, peaches, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, applesauce. The only thing she will not touch is the jar of meats. Honestly though I do not blame her, they smell awful and probably taste bad too! I hope with all this eating she will start packing on the fat!

5. As if the stress of Christmas coming up, and trying to get our van fixed wasn't enough. Tim had his debit card number stolen, and they spend over $400 of the money we really don't have. Thankfully today he filled a report, and we should be getting it all back in the next few days. I will just never understand why people do this kind of stuff.

We had to have my dad run to the grocery store for us again today, and I am so grateful for him. We really needed food and diapers and because of this money problem it screwed us.

Good news is we should be taking our van in tomorrow to get the heat fixed in it. Thanks to my mom who is going to help us out by paying for it to be fixed! I am so grateful to have family who will help us out when we need it!

Now all we need to do is get Taylor's gifts this weekend, and make a visit with Santa! Then hopefully it will be smooth sailing until Christmas!

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