Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The kid that hardly ever gets sick....

Timothy woke up last night around 3am, crying saying he wasn't feeling well. I kind of shrugged him off and told him to go back to sleep. He persisted, and I finally went to feel his head and he was on fire, and he just looked sick.

I gave him the last of the Motrin we had in the house, and we laid in the living room watching cartoons for about half an hour. I finally got him to go to sleep, once the fever dropped.

He slept until about 7am. Woke up fever free and was running around playing like nothing was wrong. I panic with fevers ever since Timothy had a febrile seizure (Mason has had one too). Even though I know he may not have another one, and I can't prevent him from having one, I still panic. As soon as he is the slightest warm with a temperature, I think back to that night. I don't get sleep, I spend most of my time watching him, feeling his head, asking if he is OK, looking for any sign of a seizure.

Thankfully he went most of the day without a fever, until after his nap. He woke up with one, but I ran out of medicine. So I had to give him a bath to cool off until daddy gets home with some medicine. I hope we get rid of all this crap before Christmas.

But most of all I pray that he doesn't have another seizure.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that this is just a little virus and it passes quickly seizure free.

Thank you!


April Westerhold said...

Kanin had febrile seizures, too. All of the medical professionals say that they aren't harmed during them but when it is your child having the seizure, it is ridicuously scary. He hasn't had one since he was about 4 years old but I STILL make him put a cool towel on his head whenever he has the slightest fever.

Hope he starts to feel better. May be an ear infection.

Nicoolmama said...

Praying for you and your boy. :) Hugs Mama!

Theo took a nose dive off the big boys' bunk bed today and was bleeding from both nostrils. Luckily, he is fine but MAN is it scary when your babies are hurting.

Hope you all get some good sleep tonight!


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