Saturday, December 11, 2010

Xbox Kinnect

A few weeks ago we bought the new Kinnect for the xbox. We figured it would be something the whole family could play, we have a Wii, but it's a little hard for the little ones to play with a controller.

The cool thing about the Kinnect is you don't need a controller. Your body serves as the controller!

We have the game that came with the Kinnect, Big Adventures or something. We also bought the sports one. It has soccer, bowling, track and field, volleyball, ping pong, etc..

Timothy LOVES playing it, and is actually able to play it fairly easy. His favorite is the soccer and bowling.

The other night we played some bowling, and Timothy was bowling strikes like it was nothing. He gets so excited! I love that it is something we can all play as a family, and like the Wii requires you to be active and not just sit on the couch with a controller to play!

Then Timothy and daddy played some soccer. That was a little more difficult, but he was still able to play, and he enjoyed it so that's all that matters.

I would really love some of the workout games. I have the Biggest Loser for the Wii, but didn't really like it. It was difficult to workout with the controller, I like not having to use a controller.

If you have kids, and are looking for a game system that the whole family can enjoy, I highly recommend the Xbox Kinnect. Especially if your trying to decide between a Wii and Kinnect.

Although if you don't already have the Xbox system it may be a little pricey. But just for the Kinnect it was a little over $100, well worth it!

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