Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Friday

Thursday, today, is like my Friday. Tim is off of Friday and Saturday's. I look forward to Thursday evenings! Especially after days like today.

This morning I woke up with a really sore mouth. This has been the worst day since I had my tooth pulled on Tuesday. I went ahead and made breakfast for EVERYONE, before Tim went to work. This is a big deal. I made scrambled eggs and biscuits.

The kids wouldn't eat the eggs. Go figure. About two minutes into the meal, Timothy announced he was done. Then about a minute later he wanted to finish eating. As soon as I get every ones food, get Taylor settled down, sit down to start to eat my food I hear a loud crash and a dish shattering on the floor.

Timothy while goofing off knocked a glass plate onto the kitchen floor and it broke. Great. Not a big deal, but I just didn't feel like sweeping up the floor. Finally get the floor swept, sit down to eat, and my food is cold. Ahh the joys of motherhood. I don't know the last time I had a nice hot meal!

Nap time finally comes. I put the boys down after lunch. After going in every 10minutes and telling them to lay down and go to sleep, an hour goes by. I still hear them in there yelling, laughing, throwing toy, jumping on the bed. After an hour and a half I separate them. I put Timothy in our room, and Mason in their room. By this point I am a little more than aggravated and I raise my voice. After Timothy locks me out of the room once, some more yelling, and 5 minutes later both boys are asleep.

Sometimes I hate that they only listen when I get upset and raise my voice. I hate to do that.

Now I sit here in silence ALL THREE kids are sleeping. The quite is nice and I am able to finally relax. Even on days like these, where nothing is going right, where I am anything but patient, where I raise my voice more than I should. I am grateful for these three kids in my life. They bring so much joy.

Amidst the chaos, there are wonderful moments of laughter. I soak up those moments, and store them for the hard days. So when it is nap time, and I sit here in the quiet I can think about those moments of good. This is why I can go through the rough days. Because those good days are so much sweeter!

This is motherhood, the good, bad, and ugly! Oh it's the best job out there!

Now I guess I will go clean something, probably the food on the kitchen floor that was thrown there by Mason.

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