Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Our trip to Santa was a little bit of a disaster.

Timothy talked about Santa and wanted to ask him for a train table, and was looking forward to seeing him. But after waiting in a long line, he wouldn't come within 10 feet of him.

Mason went up and talked to him, but as soon as I tried to sit him next to Santa he went into hysterics and took off running.

And as you will be able to see from the picture below, Taylor was anything but a fan. She looked at him once, then looked at me a few feet away, and I thought she was actually going to smile. Then she looked at Santa again, and then I seen it coming. She had the face like "WTF"?! Then the tears and screaming came!

Do your kids like Santa?


April Westerhold said...


mudpies and marigolds said...

But it is such a CUTE photo! Even with the makes me smile. We are trying Santa today I think, last time Maddie wouldn't go near him either.


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