Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blowin' Raspberries!

Taylor has learned how to blow raspberries, and can I just say how cute it is! I know call me crazy, but I just laugh every time she does it. You would think she is my first child and I have never seen a baby do this before!

Here is my lousy attempt to catch her blowin' some raspberries! Too bad I can't be muted.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming to an End.

With August coming to an end and September only days away I am a little sad. With summer ending soon and fall on the horizon I am a little excited at the same time.

With fall comes cooler weather, apple picking, Halloween, bonfires, leaves changing colors, wagon rides, raking leaves into piles to jump in. All thugs I look forward to experiencing with my little ones.

This past weekend we decided to enjoy the warm breeze of summer while it was still here. Because like I said in a previous post, I'm gonna miss this!

We played ball in the front yard.

Went to the park to play and walk the trail, twice!

Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon at Papa and Judee's house drawing with chalk.

Love weekends like this, but ready for fall festivities!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Being Spontaneous

or something like that. After our first Zoo trip last Tuesday, the one where I felt like I was hit by a bus the next morning from all the walking. Yes I am that out of shape!

You couldn't have paid me to go AGAIN in the same week. Except I did go again, on Thursday.

I am learning to be a little more spontaneous. To just get up and go. If my kids want to go to the park in the morning, to just pack them in the van and go. If the kids want to play outside, to stop doing what I am doing and go outside to play. If the kids want to go to the Zoo for the second time in 3 days, to just go for it, even if I don't really feel like doing all the walking.

When I asked Timothy if he wanted to go to the Zoo again with friends, the excitement on his face said it all. How could I not take them?!

Well it does help that we have the BEST zoo ever. Like I have mentioned in my last zoo post!

It was a beautiful day for the zoo too. It was in the high 70s, maybe low 80s, it was perfect. I even decided to get up with the birds to get there the first hour they were open so we could do the Children's Zoo for free!

There was walking, lots of walking. But it felt good and I didn't even break a sweat with the gorgeous weather. We seen lots of animals.

There was running, and dancing!

There was a carousel ride and a Sea Lion show!

There was walking, and playing, being kids!

Their faces and excitement made it all worth it. I am learning slowly to enjoy each and everyday with my little ones. And to be spontaneous!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying New Things....

I posted a picture on Wednesday of Taylor. I decided to go ahead and let her try her first taste of baby food. Carrots and peas. Yummy!

Or not so much. Taylor was having none of it, and would just push all the food back out or gag. I was only giving it to her because for the past few days she had been nursing non stop and in between nursing was very crabby like she was still hungry. Being 5 months old, almost 6 months old, I thought it couldn't hurt.

Apparently baby food is not what she wanted. So either she is just having a growth spurt or is teething. Which I do see two white front teeth coming in, woohoo!

I have a feeling though she will be just like Mason, who refused to eat baby food and started eating table food finally at 9 months. I don't know if it's the breastfeeding or not. My first son who was formula fed started eating baby food at 4 months and then table food at 7 months and never looked back. He LOVED food. Now my two breastfed babies seem to want nothing to do with food. Breast milk must just be that good!

Anyone else have a same experience? I plan to just continue nursing and waiting until she actually turns 6 months old and trying again. I am breastfeeding advocate and plan to let Taylor self wean so her not eating table food doesn't really worry me since I know she is still getting more than enough nutrients from nursing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

St. Louis Zoo

I am pretty sure we have the best Zoo. Please correct me if I am wrong! I guess I am a little biased though.

We LOVE the Zoo around here and try to go many times during the summer, but this year it has been so darn hot. We have only been two other times this year, maybe, one of which times I blogged about here. Take a look at the pictures if you want to!

We met up with Laura and her daughter Ella! We decided to do the Sea Lion show at 11 so we had about 30 minutes to kill and walked around to see the Giraffes, Zebra's, Camels, and Kangaroos since we always miss them because they are tucked away in the corner.

I think the boys found Ella putting on sunscreen more entertaining than the Camels!

Then we headed to see the show! This was a hit, the kids loved it. It was super cute and worth the $9 bucks.

We then we had some lunch, and I nursed Taylor. Girl was out of control! After everyone had full tummies we decided to do the Stingray exhibit. The St. Louis Zoo has Stingray's for part of the season that you can pet. This was our first time doing it. I am not sure it was worth the money, at least this year. Timothy was scared after touching one of them, and Mason was too small to reach in. I couldn't hold him because I had to hold Taylor since they wouldn't let me bring the stroller in.

I guess I could have worn her in the sleepy wrap, but I had worn her all morning and she was getting really hot in it. I was a little annoyed that I had to pay for Mason to just stand there....he basically did what Taylor did. Oh well. Hopefully next year they will enjoy it more.

We did a little more walking around looking at the penguins and bears, but then had to part ways with our friends. They were off the the children's zoo which we couldn't do because I wasted money on the Stingrays that the kids didn't even like. So we headed to see the Apes and the reptile house!

Taylor took her second nap of the day. She fell asleep when first got there in her sleepywrap for about an hour and a half. Can I just say how in love I am with the sleepy wrap it made everything a lot easier today. Until it got too hot for her.

After 4 hours I was ready to head home. So we headed for the car. We stopped at Turtle Park, which is where we park so we don't have to pay, and Timothy played for a few minutes.

Zoo day success. Oh how we love the Zoo!


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