Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

We have been going to all kinds of birthday parties lately. There was Timothy's friend Nicco's party, which we had to miss, but met up with them later to give him a gift. Then we had Mason's party last weekend, yesterday we had our other friend Mason's party at Chuck E Cheese, and today we have our good friend Chris and Angie's little girl Alyssa's 1st birthday. And in two weeks we another friends party. Whew I am going to be all partied out, but I know the boys are enjoying it. Especially all the cake!


In other news Duke is back!! It is the weirdest thing. He went missing around 2p.m. on Tuesday and on Thursday night I heard scratching at the front door. I went to open without thinking assuming it was Lando, our other dog, but then realizing he wasn't outside. I opened it slowly and seen Dukes little head, he can running in. He had a new collar on, looked like he had been fed, and smelled like he just had a bath.

We are assuming that someone snatched him up pretty quickly after he got away and thought they had a new dog. Which I guess is partially our problem since we didn't have a collar on him. But we cold not keep one on him. I am thinking that he got out of their house, maybe slipped through the door. Since you know he is pretty good at that kind of stuff. I am just surprised he came back here. I wish I knew who took him.

Part of me is grateful that someone took him in and cared for him. I really did not want him to be running on the streets in the 100+ degree heat or get hit by a car or something. But at the same time I am kind of upset that someone just took him in like they just got a new dog or something. Although then I just get mad at myself because they wouldn't happen if I would have had a collar and tag on him. Oh well we are just glad he is back and is fine.

He acted like he was never gone.


Taylor is growing like a weed. She has finally mastered rolling from her back to her belly, but has yet to figure out how to go from her belly to back.

She is such a joy to watch learn and grow. We get so many compliments on how pretty she is, which of course we think so too. Yesterday we went out to eat and a nice lady and man were talking to us about Taylor. They could not get over how gorgeous she is, they told me when I picked her up they thought she was a little doll, and not a real baby. They said it was because of her dark hair, and fair porcelain like skin. It's always nice to hear such compliments, warms my heart. Although I already think she is the most beautiful girl.

Here are two videos of Taylor. Isn't she just the cutest. Baby giggles are just pure bliss!


The boys are doing well. Timothy is in the "you can't take my picture" kick, and so I am not getting very many pictures of him lately. Mason loves to smile for the camera, but then moves or jumps or runs off right as you snap the picture. So most of my pictures of him are blurry or the back of his head or something crazy. I think the other day I showed you one of my favorite faces he makes.

Well here is another Mason face. This is the focused look!


Nicoolmama said...

Silly least he came back with a cute collar!

I love Taylor's outfit and YAY for all her movement!

I can't watch the videos...they are locked. :(

And one guess as to what Mason is so focused on: a car. That's all my two year old wants: cars and balls(basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls, golf ball, bouncy balls)of any kind!

nmassie218 said...

I think I fixed the problem with the videos. And yes Mason was playing with a car. He LOVED any car, truck, plane, motorcycle, boat, etc....

Nicoolmama said...

Yay....going to go watch them!

Wish you lived closer to Co...would love to let our boys play!


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