Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoying The Simple Things.

Like the way Taylor rubs my face and stares into my eyes.

The evenings we spend as a family watching a movie, where I usually end up liking it more than the kids.

When Mason falls and you ask him if he is OK and he responds "I'm fine"!

The fact that Timothy HAS to run around the house without underwear or pants on. Eh it makes going on potty easier, right?!

The way Mason says "Pwease" and "Thank you".

When they boys are playing nicely together and sharing.

Early in the morning when the house is still, and I can nurse Taylor, just her and I.

Seeing Timothy's face light up when he is with his friends, especially Nicco.

The way Mason dotes over Taylor, he is in love.

When Taylor belly laughs at the silliness of her brothers. Pure bliss!

Trying to relish in the simple things. The memories that will last a lifetime.

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Dagmar said...

Hi there, it's my first time here and your kids are just the cutest!

Thanks for featuring my blog button on your blog! Means a lot.

Dagmar's momsense


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