Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying New Things....

I posted a picture on Wednesday of Taylor. I decided to go ahead and let her try her first taste of baby food. Carrots and peas. Yummy!

Or not so much. Taylor was having none of it, and would just push all the food back out or gag. I was only giving it to her because for the past few days she had been nursing non stop and in between nursing was very crabby like she was still hungry. Being 5 months old, almost 6 months old, I thought it couldn't hurt.

Apparently baby food is not what she wanted. So either she is just having a growth spurt or is teething. Which I do see two white front teeth coming in, woohoo!

I have a feeling though she will be just like Mason, who refused to eat baby food and started eating table food finally at 9 months. I don't know if it's the breastfeeding or not. My first son who was formula fed started eating baby food at 4 months and then table food at 7 months and never looked back. He LOVED food. Now my two breastfed babies seem to want nothing to do with food. Breast milk must just be that good!

Anyone else have a same experience? I plan to just continue nursing and waiting until she actually turns 6 months old and trying again. I am breastfeeding advocate and plan to let Taylor self wean so her not eating table food doesn't really worry me since I know she is still getting more than enough nutrients from nursing.

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