Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taylor needs to fart.

No really, she does. Last week I mentioned that Mason and Taylor were sick. Well Mason is all fine now, but the other day I noticed Taylor had a rash. After having two kids I know that sometimes a rash after a few days of a fever is normal sign of a virus leaving your system. It didn't really seem to bother her.

Well I guess it was on Sunday Taylor started to get extremely crabby. She spent most of the day crying, and this was the normal fussing. This was screaming in pain. Arching her back, pulling her hair out, trying to rip her face off. She didn't want to be held, didn't want to be in the swing, didn't want to be laid on the floor, didn't want to be in her bed.....she was so uncomfortable. Not to mention I just could not get her to really sleep much at all during the day.

Monday was not much better. She spent the whole day crying and do the same thing. I just knew that this was not normal teething or baby crabbiness. She didn't stop when Tim got home either. He finally said that I could either take her to the hospital or try and make it until the morning and call the doctor. After trying 3 times to get her to sleep in her bed, and her screaming so hard she was choking herself I knew I needed to take her to the hospital.

Tim stayed home with the boys since they were already asleep and my mom went with me to the hospital. We got there around 11:45p.m., waited 45 minutes to be called back. Taylor had just fallen asleep, but once they started taking rectal temperatures and all that fun stuff she was ride awake. Showing them the good set of lungs she had been showing me for the past 2 days.

They checked her eyes, no ear infection. The doctor felt her stomach and said it was really soft and maybe there was an abstraction in her stomach, a what?! Well by this point she was out of control screaming, and the doctor asked me if I had a bottle to feed or, or in other words to shut her up. I knew she wasn't hungry since she nursed 4 times before we left, she was tired and not feeling well. I told him no that I breastfeed and that she doesn't take bottles. He then went on to ask me if it was OK for them to give her some formula, so they could settle her down to take some x-rays of her chest and stomach. I kindly told him that no I did not want her to have any formula and that I could try and nurse her if he wanted me to.

I tried for a few minutes, but she didn't want any part of eating. She was too upset and I knew that was not what she wanted. They finally went ahead and did the x-ray, which only took a few minutes, she screamed the entire time. Then he came back and said it appears she has some extreme gas. GAS?! REALLY, ARE YOU SURE?! All this screaming can not be from gas.

He then took us to she her x-rays and holy cow that was a lot of gas. From the bottom of her chest to the pelvis was so cloudy and full of gas bubbles. You couldn't even see her ribs or lungs or anything. He said that it was possible that maybe I ate something that caused all this gas, my guess is maybe too much milk lately. Either way she is not taking some gas drops to hopefully get some of this gas out and relieve some of this pain.

I can only imagine how much pain she must be in. We got home around 2a.m. and she did go right to sleep and slept until 8a.m. I am praying she feels better soon, especially before Saturday, I really do not want her to feel this bad at Mason's party.

So far today, she is still pretty crabby. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of any tricks, or ideas on how to help her out?

I really miss my happy Taylor.

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gorillabuns said...

i'm not an expert but i play one on t.v. everytime i fed my children i gave them baby mylicon. it helped a bit as well as there is a prescription for an anti-spasmodic that helped two my children. it was actually a life saver and it doesn't hurt the children in any way.

best of luck!


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