Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where O Where is Our Puppy.....

It is no secret that a new puppy was not really what I wanted shortly after we had our third child. I really didn't want to have to take care of a new puppy which is worse than a baby, all while I was trying to take care of a new baby. But Tim wanted him and so we got him. Sure he was cute, but I grew frustrated with him very quickly.

He went to the bathroom in the house constantly whether he was just outside or not. Snapped at the kids and myself, and always found a way to get off the lead outside and roam the streets. He always came back though. He has also tried to commit suicide twice. I'm not kidding. Twice he has tangled himself up with the lead so bad that he was chocking himself to death, and once I had to get the neighbors help while the other time I had to cut him loose.

I was at my breaking point, and we were thinking about finding him a new home. A home where he had the proper attention, and someone to work with him. He wasn't a bad dog, I just did not have that time. I have three kids 3 years old and younger to take care of, plus we already had a dog...who is now suffering from a slipped disc.

Then yesterday he got off the lead again for the second time that day. I figured he would come back like he always had, but he never did. I called for him and looked everywhere, as much as I could with having three kids in the house. When Tim got home that evening he took a ride looking for him. Nothing. We have no idea where he went.

Even though we did not plan on keeping him, this is not what we wanted to happen. We wanted to find him a loving home to go to. Now we don't know where he is at. We don't know if he has been hit by a car and is hurt, if not nice people picked him up, if he is alive or dead. It has been extremely hot here lately like 110-115 with the heat index. I am worried that if nobody has found him, then he may have died from the heat. I really hope that someone found him and took him in and gave him some food and water. I really hope that he is with people that are loving him.

I am really sad. Yes I was extremely frustrated with the dog, but this was not how it was suppose to happen. I am grateful that my kids are still young, and really have no idea what happened. They haven't even asked about him. Please just let him be OK.

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Kylah Marro said...

:o( I hope you find him


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