Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Zoo Trip of the Year!

I know it's already May and Monday was the first time we had been to the zoo this year. It is one of my favorite places to take the kids, but just could not get there any sooner. It was a VERY WARM May day, in the 90s! I was prepared though with lots of water and plenty of breaks. One of my good friends Laura and her daughter Ella joined us. There were plenty of animals to see!



A bear

Ella was nice enough to share some of her passes for the carousel. They have a season pass because that's how they roll!! The kids loved it. Well Mason doesn't look too thrilled, but he had fun once it started moving.

The gorilla's and apes are my favorite to see! That day they were in a extra playful mode, most day's when we go they just sit there. They were running all over doing flips. Two of them were even playing peekaboo under a blanket...the kids got a kick out of them.

Then Timothy had a special moment with one of them. The gorilla had his back against the glass and Timothy was standing right behind him talking and waving to him. He finally tuned around and started making faces at him! Timothy had his little hand against the glass and the gorilla reached up and gave him a high five, he was ecstatic! Everyone was snapping pictures of them interacting, but of course I was like 2 seconds too late (stupid camera)! See Tim this is why I need one of those DSLR cameras!

Even though it was so darn hot out everyone had a good time! Taylor slept most of the time, of course!

This picture of Mason about sums up the day!


joeyfortman said...

I was looking for a spot on your blog to contact you...thanks for following my blog! =) I was getting some traffic from yours and had to venture over to learn about you!

ok-gotta ask- a 2 yr old, 1 yr old and a newborn?!?!?! Are you exhausted or what?!?!? ha. Wow... 3 under 3. You are a ROCKSTAR mom! =)

Great to meet you!

nmassie218 said...

Hey! I found you through Andrea! I LOVE your blog and follow you daily. Yes can you imagine having 3 under 3, I am exhausted. Funny thing is they were all concieved while I was on birth control.

The boys I was on the pill and may not have been taking them correctly. But Taylor I and and IUD in, is that crazy or what?! Thanks for checking my blog out. It is nice to meet you too!


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