Friday, May 7, 2010

Trading in the diapers

Or in our case, pull ups, for big boy underwear! I have been waiting to write this post because I was afraid to speak too soon. Afraid that if I said something I might jinx it! I think it's safe to say it now, we are OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED! WOOHOO I thought this day would never come. I mean I know everyone Say's "NO kid has even went to kindergarten in diapers", but of course this was going to be my kid...or so I thought!

I am so proud of my big guy! He has been going pee and poop on the potty for 2 weeks(this Sunday), with only a few accidents! He only wears a pull up to sleep in. When we leave the house we put the underwear on and then a pull up on over the underwear...just in case! So far though we have had NO accidents while out of the house! He has always stayed dry and even uses the restroom of where we are at! That was my number one concern about potty training. What do I do when we are out, how do I get him to remember to go potty when we are not home? It is surprisingly not that bad. I just ask him if he has to go and then we just go!! Yes it's a tad bit more work to have to go to the bathroom all the time, then if I just let him go in a diaper.....but we are going forward and I'm not looking back!

Plus he is my oldest so I have two more still in diapers to be my babies!! So I officially have 1 potty trained kid OMG!


Nicoolmama said...

Wahoo! That's huge! I thought I had lots of diapers to change with 2 in diapers but 3- you are amazing!!!

nmassie218 said...

Thanks! Yes 3 in diapers is rough, especially as far as costs go!!


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