Friday, December 3, 2010

Balls Rolling!

Literally. Today we laced up the shoes, and hit the lanes.

This is the second time we have taken the boys bowling. They LOVE it! The first time we used the metal hill that all they had to do was push the ball down it. But this time, we let them just push the ball all on their own!

Mason still needed a little help, but Timothy carried the ball up there on his own and pushed it down the lane on his own. Sometimes even doing better than me!

The stayed interested for the better part of 2 whole games. Towards the end of the second game Mason became antsy. Messing with the water fountain, throwing fits, wanting to run down the lanes, messing with the ball return.

Tim thought he was a pro or something rolling all kinds of strikes. It must be all the practicing on the Wii and the Kinect. Which I must say I have the highest bowling score on. A 215 on the Kinect. My scores today...nowhere near that!

The best part was spending the day together, doing something that everyone enjoyed, out of the cold! It was a fun afternoon.

The fact that we spent a couple hours there, that we didn't have to figure out what to do with them at home was just an added bonus! Because let me tell you Mason was out of control tonight. The worst I have ever seen him. Not sure what is going on.

But all is silent now. All 3 kids are in bed for the night.

Oh and I am sure Tim would like me to show you this.

It would be the beginning of the second game. Four strikes in a row. He got more too. Ended the game at a 205. We won't say my score, but lets just say the boys were a real competition!

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April Westerhold said...

I want to do this over Christmas break with the kids. What a fun day!


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