Monday, December 13, 2010


We woke up yesterday morning to SNOW! The boys were super excited, and wanted to go out to play first thing in the morning.

While it's nowhere close to as much snow as say, Minnesota! It was enough to cover everything and enough for the boys to enjoy. Around 10 in the morning I finally bundled the boys up in layers and let them go out for a few minutes.

Timothy LOVED it, kept asking me if we could get his bike out and ride it. He was so fascinated with making footprints and throwing snow at his brother, who might I add was totally not having any of that! His favorite thing though, was trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue!

It was extremely windy out, and blowing snow plus like 6 degrees without windchill, made it a quick playtime in the snow. Mason was fine as long as the wind was not blowing. Which was like the whole time. Every time the wind would pick up, and the snow would be blowing all over, Mason would put his head down and come running for the door crying!

After about 7-10 minutes I had the boys come in. Their eyes were running, little noses were running, cheeks were Rosy red and chapped, frozen toes and finger! I wish it wasn't so darn cold out and they could actually play longer and enjoy the snow.

I really wish we had a big hill to sled down too. That was my favorite thing to do as a kid when it snowed. But all we have is one flat yard.

Taylor was napping while the boys were playing so she didn't get to play with any snow in the morning. But that afternoon I put her in the highchair and put some snow on the tray. This is her first snow, and I wanted to see what she would do with it. She wasn't a fan, I will post those pictures tomorrow!

It was a fun morning, a cold one, but fun. If the weather is right, we can expect more snow on Wednesday. I really need to go to the grocery store too. I guess I better do that tonight or tomorrow, huh? I hate driving in the snow!

What is your favorite thing to do when it snows?


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