Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting it out now.

At the rate we are going, I am hoping that we will all be injury and illness free for Christmas.

It started out with the headaches. I was getting them everyday, bad ones. Then when I finally got those bad boys under control, I got a toothache. Which lasted for a week, and resulted in me getting my wisdom tooth pulled.


And then yesterday after a few days of soreness I was finally feeling back to normal. NO problems at all.

We met a friend at the mall yesterday morning so I could give her a Christmas present. I guess at some point with all the obnoxious kids Mason got hit in the face. He kept rubbing his eyes, I assumed he was just tired.

We left to go home, and he never stopped crying. This was no normal crying this was the in pain cry. He wouldn't leave his eye alone, couldn't open it, the eye was red and all around the eye, wouldn't eat. Just screamed. I finally called the doctor and took him in.

What did they find? A big scratch right in the middle of his eye. Damn kids!

The doctor thinks he will be fine though and should heal rather quickly. Gave him some Motrin and we were on our way. He was acting a lot better last night, and has been 10x better today. Eye still red, but he can open it and he hasn't cried.

I am just hoping that if an illness is coming our way that it happens now, before Christmas!

Oh and have you voted for Taylor today in the Gerber contest? If not click HERE to find out how. We would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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