Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Today pawpaw and Judee came over to ware the boys out so they would take a long nap, er I mean play with them! So we went outside to get some fresh air. With us all passing around colds and germs, we have been stuck in the house for awhile and just really needed to get out. We could only stay out for a short time since it was a little cold with the wind blowing. But it was enough to do the trick! All three took a nap for about 2-3 hours!Today was Tim's last day for a week! Due to his shift switching over. Instead of working a normal 5 days, Sunday-Thursday, he is now working 4 10s, Wednesday-Saturday. The switch happened to fall where he got a week off!! I am not sure I am going to like the new schedule, it will definitely take some time getting used to. But he is looking forward to having 3 days in a row off, and I guess that won't be so bad.

I was joking on my facebook that him having this week off could be a good or bad thing. It could mean a lot of good quality family time, or a lot of arguing, a lot of time playing video games, which makes me want to pull my hair out! Hopefully we can some family things that we don't normally have the time to do.

*Taylor wearing her new hat she got for Christmas, isn't she so cute?!

I still have not sent out my Christmas cards, I know it's not even 2010 anymore! The one year I finally decide to even do cards, order them early, get them addressed early, and forget to send them out. Now I am not even sure if it's worth it anymore.

What do you think, should I still send them out? Or should I just say better luck next year?

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