Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything!

I can finally sit down and breath. Dinner made and ate before 6pm, kitchen cleaned up, living room cleaned up, tree taken down and put in the garage, all three kids in bed and sleeping! I am exhausted!

Yesterday we had to get all new tired for the van. An hour and a half, and $400 less in our pockets and our van doesn't shake out of control anymore. It was getting bad, and would shake violently while driving. Tim figured it was the tires and he was right. It was the front right tire. But boy are tires expensive! So that about sums up what we did yesterday, fun right?!

I thought Taylor was getting better, but she seems to still be a little sick. Coughing and congested, even though I am pretty sure she isn't contagious anymore I just want her to feel better. Mason is coughing too, but that's about it. It's been a week though and I really do need to take her to be looked at. UGH I hate winter!

I cannot believe that in a little over a month my baby will be turning 4. FOUR! This is just crazy! So it looks like I need to start planning a party. He has really been asserting his Independence, and growing up. He LOVES to dress himself. The other day he really got upset when I tried to help him put on his socks. He HAD to do it himself, whether they were on inside out or not does not matter either! Seriously thankfully I have 2 more "babies", or I just might die with his big boy attitude!

The other day I was uploading my pictures from my camera and putting them on the computer when I came across this picture:

Timothy must have taken this picture of him. I about died of laughter. Can you say CAUGHT drinking mommy's soda!

Tim and Chris are going hunting tomorrow morning so I will be watching Alyssa again. The boys are going to be excited to have her to play with. She is such a sweetie! Then I think grocery shopping is on our agenda, and finishing up cleaning the house. Another fun day right?!


April Westerhold said...

That train table is awesome! Scott has wanted to get the kids one for along time. Hope the Princess feels better soon!

Sherri said...

Next month my baby turns 2!! I'm also trying to plan a party!! Found you thru FTLOB & am now following u! Sherri


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