Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365

I have seen many people do it last year, and many who are starting it this year. A project 365, to take a picture everyday for a year.

I pretty much do this anyway, but I thought it would be fun to try this out, maybe expand my palate since most of my pictures are of the kids. I will take a picture everyday this year as it relates to our life or that day in particular!

I will either post my picture everyday or I will wait until Sunday and then post a whole weeks worth of pictures. I will just play it by ear.

So since Taylor is still sick and just passed on her germs to mommy I am not feeling so well. I will start my 365 project today with my first picture.

This about sums up our days lately! Hoping to kick these germs to the curb soon!

I am also linking up to Comment Love Sunday over at For The Love of Blogs! Come join us!


Musings By Michele said...

Good Luck on your daily pictures & hope to see them posted. Sorry for the germs & sickness, tis the season. Found your blog from its Sunday on FTLOB Thanks & I am following you even though I don't have too! Thanks nice blog!

Kate said...

I am also doing the project!! :) I love the whole idea of it. Goodluck my friend.


Poekitten said...

Good luck on the 365 project! Hope your little one feels better soon:)

I came over from FTLOB comment love day:)

Mandy said...

How cool you're taking this on! You will love looking back at all of your photos! :)


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