Sunday, January 9, 2011

Middle Child Syndrome

Poor Mason, my middle child. What is is about those middle ones?! He gets left out of doing the big kid things that Timothy can do, he doesn't get as much attention as the baby who constantly needs something, there are less pictures of him....I am sure! But there is no less love for him, that I know!

It is rare to just get time with one kid by themselves. There are times if I am running to the store I might just take Timothy, or if Tim is running to rent a game or movie, he might just take Mason. Sometimes it's fun for them to just get out without the other's. And it's amazing for me to interact with them alone.

Mason also is slower with talking, and I am guessing a lot of it is due to having an older brother talk for him. Or get him whatever he wants. A while ago I took Mason to the grocery store with me, just him and I. It was amazing to hear him talk the whole time we were gone. He just talked and talked and talked. Because he could without be talked over, or talked for!

Since the 2 boys take 1 nap a day at the same time, its rare to get that quiet alone time with one of them. Especially because Taylor is usually up too. But yesterday Taylor was napping and Timothy was napping, and Mason had already had his nap so he was up alone!

We did all kinds of things! We read books.

I let him play with Timothy's Wonder Colors. HE didn't have to fight with anyone, he didn't have the markers snatched out of his hands. There was no screaming and crying!

We colored, with crayons AND markers. I don't usually do that unless Taylor is napping. And the last time I got crayons out for both the boys A LOT of screaming and fight ensured! But not this time!

We played games, read some more books, and then Timothy was up!

It is always nice to get that one on one time with each of your children, especially the middle child who always seems to get left out! And I could tell that Mason was happy for that time too, and to see him happy made me smile!

If you have more than one child, how do you get that one on one time?? I would love to hear any suggestions!

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Crystal said...

Oh what a sweet time with your kiddo. I love having one-on-one time w/my boys. But, you're right. It's definitely a challenge...but so, so worth it! I try to do mommy-kiddo dates...they get to choose the activity. And w/my 2 oldest in school, they don't get as much of me as I would like. They talk for days about their date. I dress up really nice, make sure my hair and makeup is perfect-you know, make it special. They LOVE it!! But even the little solo-kid trips to the store are special. If it's their "date" they get to pick something special out.

Sorry to be so wordy. i just really know what you mean. The baby gets the most attention and the ones in the middle sometimes are just along for the ride. It's so important to have special time w/each of them!!

Bobbi said...

I'm visiting from the Sunday Comment Love. I worry about my youngest that's one going to be the middle child. He is 3 years younger than the oldest, that I feel is spoiled because he got so much attention. I pray that when the next one comes I remember how much love and attention he's going to need. I worry about having another one, kind of like having the second before you have it not knowing the unknown. Sweet pics of your little ones. I'm now following from I hope you'll come by and check it out. Have a great Sunday. BJ

Galit Breen said...

Oh I so hear you, Mama! I have 3 as well and my sweet middle child is always vying for...something! I have no advice (At all!) just total and complete agreement that there's not a lack of love and whole-hearted hope that they *always* know that's true! :)

VedetteTX said...

These are such great pics of your time together! He is so cute. As long as you are making an effort, he's going to see that and appreciate it. I only have one child so I can only speak from the kid's point of view, having been a middle child myself. :)

Branson said...

He is adorable! I only have 1, but often wonder the same thing about how moms of many do it :)

Slidecutter said...

Really enjoyed your blog! My three are grown but that "middle child syndrome" manages to survive even as they get older.

My middle daughter still digs her heels in, with both fists up, pushing against her older sister and younger brother. Sometimes, there is just no way to make her understand how unique she is special.

I wrote about my daughter in one of my own blogs a while back, just to show her how special she is and has always been to us!

Remember to love them for their perseverance and support their passions in life!


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