Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Well the freezing rain has started here, and we are now prepared to stay inside for the next few days. Last night when I seen everyone facebooking about the store shelves being bare, and that all the milk, bread, and eggs were gone....I panicked. We never made it to the grocery store yesterday and we were out of milk and bread.

So I ran up to the gas station last night and bought milk and bread. I feel better now about being stuck for a few days. But apparently people were not kidding, the stores are bare. No milk, bread, eggs, or meat!

I can handle snow, it's the ice that scares me. And the possibility of down power lines and no heat. With three little ones that would not be an ideal situation. So I pray that this whole "historic" storm is not as bad as they are making it out to be!

Either way we have a lazy day planned for today. Lots of book reading, playing trains and cars, coloring, napping, and movie watching. Tim and the boys plan to watch a Batman & Superman movie, and that will give me time to do some cleaning.

Here is hoping you all have better weather where your at!

Taylor and I wish you all a great Monday friends!

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Stephanie said...

A few years ago we had an ice storm this time of year that knocked out power for about 4 days. We had to sleep in the living room gathered around a propane heater, and we grilled all of our food. It was awful. Here's to hoping this storm is mild and passes through quickly!

Jessica said...

Ice storms are SO scary! I'm glad you got your milk and bread before it hits! :-)


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