Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Timothy and Taylor's Birthday Party

On Sunday we had a party for Timothy's 4th birthday and Taylor's 1st birthday. I combined their parties because their birthday's are 3 weeks apart, and we really couldn't afford to do 2 separate parties so close together.

I decided to do the party at The Little Gym. We went to Ella's party there and the kids all seemed to have a great time! They take care of everything. The activities, setup, cleanup, everything except the cake!
First the kids got to go into the gym. In there, it is like a field day for the kids. They can climb, jump, swing, balance, play with balls, run all over, dance, ANYTHING!

Usually the staff chooses some activities to do with the kids that are geared towards the age group and development. Since most of our guests with children canceled, we didn't have many kids. 5 kids all together and 3 of them were mine. Ella was the oldest at 5 years old, and so the attention span was not there. They tried a few activities but neither Timothy or Mason would participate. But Ella did, she was such a trooper with the little ones!

Then after about an hour or so in the gym we moved to a different room to do the cake. My mom had 2 cakes made at McArthurs's Bakery. A small smash cake for Taylor and a Nascar cake for Timothy!

As soon as we started singing Happy Birthday Timothy had a melt down. I am not sure why, but he did this on his actual birthday too when we had cake and tried to sing to him. I think he has anxiety with crowds. He would not even eat any cake at all!

Taylor had just had a bottle because I wasn't sure when we would be doing the cake. So I am not sure if she just wasn't all that hungry or if she didn't like the taste, but she wasn't all that impressed. She didn't really dig in like I remember the boys doing. Both Timothy and Mason made huge messes with their 1st birthday cakes, but not Taylor. She stayed fairly clean!

Then it was finally present time. For some reason Timothy didn't want to open his presents himself. He must have been in a "mood" that day. So my dad had to help him! Both Timothy and Taylor got some awesome gifts!

A huge thanks to all our family and friends who came out to help us celebrate. It meant a lot to us to have you all there! It was a great time!


Heather M said...

I love Birthdays!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

b. lee said...

yahoo! we love the little gym ~ looks like such a fun b-day par-tay :D

Nicoolmama said...

what a fun place to have a birthday party!!

We have similar bouncing facilities but none quite as nice!

Happy Birthday Timothy and Taylor (late!) !!!


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