Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Little Gym (Warning: LOTS of pictures)

The weekend before Halloween we attended a friends birthday party.

Our friend Ella, who was born on Halloween, was turning 5!

Last year she had a costume party, it was super cute and fun. This year her party was at the little gym where she takes classes.

I really didn't think the boys would be too into it, but boy was I wrong they had a blast. They were all over the place!

It was such a fun place to have a party. There was dancing, LOTS of dancing.

They played games.

Used their energy in a positive, fun way!

The staff was great with the kids. They were able to get them to participate. Well except for my kids who weren't sure at first!

I seen kids taking turns, sharing, learning, enjoying themselves.

Even Taylor, the littlest one in attendance was thrilled with all the activity! She rolled all over the mats, watched the big kids bouncing, just smiling and laughing!!

The Little Gym packed in so many activities into a short amount of time, but it didn't feel rushed. Everything ran so smoothly.

They even got the parents involved in the activities! Which I must say was hilarious!

Then it was time for cupcakes and juice. Timothy must have burned some calories because he had 2 cupcakes!

And of course presents. Which was so cute because they made a tall throne for Ella to sit on so she felt special!

It was a super fun party! It had all the elements. Games, exercise, cupcakes,and presents. Most importantly FUN!

After seeing the boys have that much fun, I might look into getting them into some classes. Such a great place.

*DISCLOSURE: No The Little Gym did not know I was writing this post and I have not been compinsated for my review. These are all my own opinions. It's truly just a great place....go check it out!

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Maggey and Jim said...

This really looks like lots of fun, Ella..
Maggey (Aunty M )


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