Monday, November 29, 2010


I love to see the pure joy on the kids faces when they are with their grandparents. Oh man, there is nothing like it. Luckily the kids do have many grandparents. They have my mom, my dad and Judee, and they have Tim's parents. They are all so involved in their own way and it's great.

Our children see my mom, and my dad and Judee on a regular basis. Unfortunately they don't get to see Tim's parents enough due to them living in Texas. We do skype as much as we can, and the kids get all excited to see grandma and grandpa on the computer!

Timothy calls my mom Grandma, and he knows that she lives by the firetrucks. He also associates a certain playground with grandma because one time she had lunch with us there. It is even to the point that if we are by her house he knows, and don't even think about passing up the street that takes you to her house. He will have meltdown!!

He knows Tim's parents as Grandma and Grandpa. You have to say both. Grandma AND Grandpa. If you ask his where they live he will tell you one of two things. Either on the computer, or far from our house in Texas! The kids are looking forward to seeing them at Christmas!

Then there is my dad and Judee. Or Papa. My dad has always been papa. I remember Tim's dad asking Timothy one time if went swimming at grandpa's house. Timothy quickly corrected him saying " No it's papa, his name is papa". If we ever mention going to see papa he always talks about papa's blue truck, or in the summer swimming.

The other day Timothy asked me if Judee, my dad's girlfriend, was his aunt. I had a good laugh. I told him no.

Now I am not so sure where this post was going. Other than that I am so thankful for my parents and Tim's parents. I am so grateful that the kids have great grandparents in their life. And to see their faces light up when I say we are going to visit....whoever. That is just everything. Priceless!

We love you Grandma that lives by the fire trucks, Papa who drives a blue truck and "aunt" Judee, and Grandma and Grandma that live too far away Texas!

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