Monday, November 22, 2010

You know you live with a hunter...

1. If you find an alarm going off at 3am.

2. If your house smells of fresh dirt, AFTER washing clothes.

3. If you in your desperate state of not wanting to hear about how much he wants to go hunting, offer to watch his friends little girl at 4:30 in the morning so they can FINALLY go.

Oh yes, friends. I am just that nice.

4. If you have camo pants, shirts, coats, all over the house.

5. If when your significant other is home, hunting shows on on the TV a majority of the time.

Yep, it's been hunting season. That means I am going insane over here! Tim has been going most weekends for a little bit in the morning. I don't mind him going hunting, but it just makes for no breaks for me. That's why he tries to just go in the morning and not all day.

The other day Tim and his friend really wanted to get out Friday morning (they usually go on Saturday), and they needed to find a babysitter to watch Alyssa since Angie works. I don't know what came over me, but I offered to get up at 4:30 am to watch her so they could go.

Luckily for Alyssa, she is just so darn cute and I love her that I didn't mind. Chris dropped her off, and we layed around watching cartoons for about an hour trying to get her to go back to sleep. She was not having any of it, and about 5:30 the boys were up. So we just played instead.

We then had some breakfast, and before I knew it it was already 8:30 am and I could tell that no sleep was catching up to Alyssa. So I layed her down and she slept for 2 hours. She got up right before Tim and Chris got back.

She was such a good girl, we all had fun. The boys LOVE playing with her and were super excited to wake up and see her here. Taylor just didn't know what to think of her, and played next to her for the longest time. It was so cute!

Do you live with a hunter? Have something to add to the list?

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