Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life is a Thrill Ride!

Life is like one big thrill ride! Having children in your life is like getting a seat in the front of that roller coaster. There are always going to be good days and not so great days, and that is even more so with children.

Those little stinker's can make you want to rip your hair out one minute and melt your heart the next. Friday was a rip your hair out day, in case you were keeping tabs. They can be the biggest pain in your butt at moments, and the greatest joy in life all at the same time.

And probably my favorite thing about this ride I am on, is seeing life through their eyes. The pure joy that the simplest things bring to them. Seeing their imaginations in full force.

Children, they are a beautiful thing.

I am loving this ride!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Your kids are so cute! ...and your blog header is adorable! I love the title!

nmassie218 said...

Thanks so much!


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