Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Relief!

Seems as though everyone is gearing up for Christmas. Trees are going up, decorations are being put all around the house, fires, hot cocoa. Oh hot cocoa! Oh how I wish I could have some right now. But I can't. Because....

I finally got this tooth pulled!

Yep, thanks to my mom. I was able to find a dentist make an appointment for today. Dropped the kids off at my dad and Judee's, thanks to them too. They took an x-ray, but as soon as the doctor looked in my mouth he knew it was a wisdom tooth that was causing me all the problems.

So he numbed me up, twice, I'm a big baby. And pulled that sucker out. I am not gonna lie, it hurt, and they said that it was an "easy" extraction! Although I would sit through that pain again to not have the severe toothache I was having.

I am hoping I will be back to normal in a few days!

OK so back to Christmas and decorations. The other day we were at my dad and Judee's The kids were mesmerized by the tree and other decorations. Especially this Santa who tells a story!

They were in heaven with the train that went around the tree. Timothy liked to just turn it on and off, or make it go forward, then backward. About a million times. Thank god we don't have one at our house!We then went outside to check out papa's new fire pit. The kids were not sure about this at all!

On Sunday my mom came out to help me put up the tree and all the decoration while Tim was at work. Thankfully we got most of it done while the kids were napping. They woke up in enough time to put a few ornaments on the tree. It was fun watching their excitement. Especially Timothy, he loved picking the perfect spot to put the ornaments.

Every time he sees a Christmas tree on TV he always tells me, "Look mom, a Christmas tree, we have to build one of them in our house"! This was the first year we put up a tree in this house. Last year I wasn't up to it. I was VERY pregnant, not feeling well. Not in the mood to try and keep Timothy a 2 year old, and Mason a 1 year old away from it. But I knew I had to build one this one!

I think it turned out pretty good. We have some spots on the bottom that look bare. The tree is a little broke and some of the branches hang down too much. Guess we may need a new one next year. The kids love it. The boys have been pretty good about not messing with it, and Taylor sometime rolls over to it and will try and play with it. I think she is more hypnotized by the lights.

So now that all the decorations and tree are up, most of the Christmas cards are addressed, I just need to get the Christmas shopping started. Yep, haven't even started yet. Thankfully we don't have much to buy.

Well I am off to take some more medicine. Figure out what I can eat. I am SO hungry, but can't eat much. Maybe another bowl of ice cream!

Hope you all had a great day.

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April Westerhold said...

There are few things worse than a toothache or an earache. So glad that you got it taken care of today!


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