Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some good, some bad

The warmer days are becoming more frequent, with a colder day here and there, which means the park trips are going to become more frequent and for that I am ecstatic!
We have a great park right by our house, about 10 minutes away at the most. There are 2 play areas, a walking path, plenty of area to run, and 2 lakes with geese!

I love watching the boys playing at the park. I think it's interesting watching kids interact. Mason is just now starting to really play with the other kids, without his brother. Most of the time he still follows Timothy around, but every once in a while now I will catch hi playing with his own "friend".

One of Mason's favorite thing to do it walk down to the lake and watch the geese. Sometimes we will feed them, which he really gets a kick out of, but most of the time he is just content to watch them.

The lake has this little deck you can walk onto that the boys always want to go to. They like to try and spot the fish. Their daddy trained them well! Little fisherman. I take it as a picture opportunity!

I am always so glad to see spring come. We spend most day out and about, with friends. I feel like the winter months are so long, and that I don't get out much, I don't see friends. I feel lonely in the winter. But once spring and summer come, we can have play dates at the park and zoo. I don't know what it is about the sunshine, but it makes me just want to get up and get out of the house!

The warmer weather could not have come at a better time either. With Taylor getting all big on me, we have dropped the baby food and formula, woohoo! She has been eating what we eat for a couple days now. I was joking (kinda) with Tim the other day that I forgot what you feed a 1 year old. Like I couldn't figure out what to feed her now that she is not eating baby jar food. You would think I have done this twice now and the last time wasn't that long ago, I would have this down. But for some reason I started to panic. "What the heck do I do now, my baby is not a baby anymore"!

Today she is getting only 2 ounces of formula and the rest is whole milk. By tomorrow she will be completely on whole milk, and she loves it! NO reactions yet either, she seems to be fine with the switch! Tomorrow, I hope to maybe go get some sippy cups that she will take. We have some at the house, but they are not the soft spout and she refuses to drink out of them. So getting her from the bottle to the sippy cup might take a few more days.

This morning Tim's grandpa(Tim's mom's dad), Grammy was his dad's mom, had to go have an EKG done and some other tests ran to see if they would even be able to surgically remove the tumor or if chemo and radiation would even be possible. I have not heard anything yet as far as how the tests went.

You see, apparently he has been having blood in his urine for at least a month now. He finally just said something since Tim's parents moved back and are staying with them. So we have no idea how long he has been having problems. I have no idea the stage the cancer is in or the size of the tumor. Nor do I know if it has spread anywhere else or not.

He has been on oxygen for a couple years now, he in on 4 liters 24/7, and his lungs do have scarring. This is why they are not sure if he can be put under for surgery or if he can handle chemo or radiation. We are praying that they will be able to do surgery, that it is in the early stages, and hasn't spread anywhere else. And of course that they are able to remove all of the tumor.

I am praying for Tim's parents too who have been going through so much. Now they are having to stay at her parents house to help with them instead of finding a house like they hoped to be doing. But her parents need them right now. Tim's grandma has been sick for while. I mean she is doing OK, but she has been having a tough time. They are trying not to get her all upset with the cancer stuff, they don't want her to stress about it since she isn't doing well herself. I just pray that this doesn't turn out to be a really bad year.

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers. We really appreciate it. It's been a tough few weeks. If you feel led to we could still really use all the prayers and good thoughts because this is just the beginning. I will keep you all posted on the test results and what the next steps are.

I will have some lighter, more fun posts coming! Stay tuned!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Kimberly said...

what happy photos!
but I am sorry to hear of the struggles and illness of your loved ones.


Vic said...

with the good comes the bad, the sad and the heartache! i hope the best outcomes for all and i was super excited to see those smiling faces at the park because yes...winter is a gloomy time of year....sping and summer just make it fabulous! i remember the park days...these kids do grow way too fast on us! cherish:)

Anonymous said...

Your family is perfect! Lovely blog you have here! I'm visiting from FTLOB. Hope you had a fantastic Friday!


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