Monday, March 21, 2011


I tell ya, this year it has been one thing after another. Tim's poor parents just can't seem to catch a break.

The other day they got a phone call from their neighbors who are keeping an eye on their house that they are trying to sell while they are up here. The neighbor said she seen the lady up the street digging up flowers and plants, and stealing their garden decorations. She also said she has seen kids in their pool.

Tim's parent's immediately left and drove back to Texas.

When they got there, they seen that flowers had been dug up. One being a flower his mom got for her birthday 3 years ago from Grammy, the one who just passed away. All of her garden decorations were gone, most were gifts from Tim for Mother's Day when he was little.

The best part of all of this?

They also found a used condom behind their hot tub/pool (its a in ground pool with a hot tub connected). Seriously?! I just don't understand people I guess. Or kids I should say.

So they called the police and filed a report since they had more than one witness who seen everything that happened.

The police confronted the lady up the street and the lady's daughter, the one's who were seen taking stuff from the yard. The lady is 75 years old. She denied everything. They had until today or his parents would press charges and they could possibly go to jail.

Tim's mom really don't want to send a 75 year old lady to jail, but she took their stuff and is denying it.

So I am sure they will be staying there for most of this week. Which I totally understand, I am not sure I would want to leave all my stuff again until the house sells. Some people just suck. I don't understand the point.

I know they have to be back by the 3oth for grandpa's surgery to get his tumor removed. But they are just having a rough time. I really hope this lady just gives the stuff back, and makes everything a little more easier.

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