Monday, March 21, 2011

For Tiffany

Hey friends, I want to share something with you in the hopes that maybe some of you can help out.

One of my friends, Deanna, who I went to the park with last week on St. Patricks Day lost one of her closest friends the other day.

Here is the news story.

Tiffany has 4 children, who are now left without the most important person in their life. My heart breaks for those children, whom were all in the house at the time of their father's attempted suicide. I have been praying and thinking about Tiffany, her children, family, and friends.

Tiffany has a memorial page on Facebook, which can be found HERE. There are details on that page on how to help these children.

I know they are asking for any donations, food/gas/and clothing gift cards for the children. I am sure anything would be very much appreciated.

I had only met Tiffany once at Deanna's daughter Ashley's birthday party. Which I blogged about HERE. She was so kind and sweet. Her youngest, son Caden played with Timothy almost the whole time at the party. Even though I do not know her well, I am just heartbroken over this tragic incident. I can only imagine how her family is feeling at this time.

I am sure that the family could use all the prayers and support they can get right now. It's going to be tough.

Praying for Tiffany, her family and friends, her 4 beautiful children. And also lots of prayers and love for my friend Deanna.

RIP Tiffany


ltlbtty said...

Thanks Nicole, that means ALOT!!

Ashley said...

Wow what a tragic story! :(


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