Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Being an only child can have it's pro's I guess. Really I always felt that I was missing out on something. Most of my friends growing up had a sibling or more than one.

They always had someone to play with when everyone else was grounded, or on vacation.

They had someone to get in trouble with, or stay up late with.

They had a best friend that was ALWAYS there.

They had someone to tell secrets to, or go to for help.

Tim is an only child too, except he enjoyed being an only child. That means our children have no aunts and uncles. Which to me is sad too. I enjoyed having aunts and uncles, even though some of them we don't talk to anymore or see all that often. It made my childhood that much more fun.

This is why I am so grateful I have more than one child. I am grateful that they will be able to have each other. It is wonderful to see their bond already. The love they have for each other just beams from their faces! It melts my heart!

I just hope nothing gets in the way of their relationship, and that they always lean on each other for love and support.


Taylor is rolling all over the place!

She is rolling from her back to stomach and then to her back again. She seams to enjoy when she makes it on her tummy, and will stay there a little longer too.

I try and put some toys down for her or sometimes one of the boys will lay down and talk to her. But that usually only lasts for a few minutes and then she rolls back over, or starts to scream!

Any suggestions on getting her to play on her tummy more? She just would rather be in her swing on on my lap.


Which brings me to my next topic HOLY TEETHING BABY! I swear she has been teething for like forever now. I still don't really see any teeth that are very close, maybe her two front teeth. But she has been a monster.

She has been chewing on everything and drooling like crazy.

She always has her fingers in her mouth.

Then sometimes I wonder if it's not teething that is making her so nuts. She is back to spending the majority of the day crying like she did when she was having the gas problems. I am still giving her gas drops everyday many times a day, but I did just run out.

Or maybe she has an infection or is getting sick. I don't know. This is the hard part, trying to figure out what is wrong with your baby when they can't speak to tell you. I do know that she usually is a very happy and content baby. Was always a great napper and went down at night like a champ. The past few days though, she fights her naps, and at night forget it. I cannot get her to lay down in bed and go to sleep for anything. The minute I lay her down she screams like someone is killing her. Breaks my heart.

Then there is the nursing strikes and constant eating. During the day she will have periods where she will refuse to nurse especially on one side, the left to be exact. And then other times in that same day she will eat nonstop for like 2 hours. This makes me think a growth spurt or maybe she isn't getting enough milk. I just don't know.

Good thing she has a doctor appointment soon. Maybe that will give me some answers.

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Kylah Marro said...

I am the oldest sibling of 4. I have 2 sisters and a brother. We fought ALL the time..beat each other up, yelled, screamed, and tattled. I LOVE them so much and can not imagine my life without them in it, or my kids life. Great post!


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