Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rolling Around in the Grass and Great Grandparents- The Start of our Weekend!

We started off the weekend enjoying the cool morning breeze at Papa's house.

Laying in the dew damped grass.

And not enjoying the said wet grass!

Playing cars on the driveway.

Relaxing. Laying on a blanket and watching the clouds roll by.

Trying to figure out what each one looks like.

Talking a stroll around the block. Enjoying life!

Enjoying a nice dinner at great grandma and grandpa's house. To see Timothy, Mason, and Taylor with Tim's grandparents is special. They adore each other. Our children's lives are blessed to have them in it.

I think this is a beautiful start to a great weekend.

What we did today and the conclusion to an awesome weekend will have..... TO BE CONTINUED!

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