Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday

We had a nice weekend, hope you guys did as well. Saturday was the only day Tim had off this week, he had to work on Sunday to make up for last Sunday when he took off for his work picnic.

I really wanted to take the kids to the Balloon Race in Forest Park on Saturday. We went last year and the kids LOVED it. Tim finally gave in after I convinced him it would be fun. It turned out not really being the greatest idea. It was a little too hot out for us. Poor Taylor was drenched in sweat, I don't remember it being this bad last year. We maybe stayed for about an hour and then ended up leaving. I am hoping that next year it is a little cooler.

After leaving there we went to America's Incredible Pizza Company for a late lunch/early dinner, and so the kids could play since we didn't do much at the balloon race. We LOVE this place! We ended up staying there for about 3 hours playing games. Timothy rode the go karts with daddy and was in heaven! It was a nice afternoon spent inside the air conditioning.


Today I had a very busy morning. I had to pay the water bill, go get a duplicate driver's license since I lost mine, return a book to a friend, and go to our WIC appointment.

I was actually looking forward to this WIC appointment, because with all Taylor's eating and weight problems I was curious to see if she had gained anything.


Taylor now weighs a whopping 13lbs 14oz. That means she has gained, not a lot but she is going up. Slowly but surely. I know all scales read differently, but a little over 2 weeks ago at the doctor when we found out she had lost weight, she was about 13lbs 1oz. Then when we went to the WIC office to pick up our pump, which was about 1 1/2-2 weeks ago she was 13lbs 5oz. Like I said, the differences could be from the different scales. I am just happy that she is going back up and not down.

And now that she is getting jar food, I am sure that she is really going to start gaining!

After our WIC appointment, we went to McDonald's for lunch since the boys behaved so well. They were more interested in playing than eating. They played for a while and then we had to go to the grocery store to get some baby food for Taylor. I plan to start tonight with the food.

We are finally home now and I am just exhausted. I could really use a nap, unfortunately NONE of the kids agree with me!


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