Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

How was your weekend? I hope it was nice, we had a fun weekend. Tim had a 3 day weekend since he took off on Sunday so we could go to his company picnic.

Friday was my mom's birthday, and she was at home packing for her weekend camping trip. So we decided to all go have lunch, but it ended up being more like dinner since it took us so long to get out of the house and to her house. We were going to go out to eat, but as we were getting ready to leave Taylor had a blow out. She ruined her clothes and got Tim's pants all dirty. So leaving was out. Tim and I decided to go get some food at a place called, Viviano's, it's a supper yummy little Italian restaurant and store. It ended up being supper yummy!

Saturday Tim wanted to go to the shooting range to shoot his pistol. So his buddy Chris and him went to the range, which Chris's wife Angie and I took the kids to the park.

The boys were able to run off some energy.

They were all over the place sliding down slides, swinging, and climbing.

Angie and I and the girls, Taylor and Alyssa, were able to sit and chat while the boys played. Well Alyssa slept almost the whole time we were there, and Taylor ate and did some raspberry blowing....her new favorite activity!

It was nice to get out for some socializing. Then we all went out to dinner at Ponderosa, yummy!

On Sunday we went to Tim's company picnic. It was nice since Tim normally works on Sunday's to have another day with the family.

We ate some lunch, well Tim and I ate, the boys wouldn't eat. Too much going on. There were swings, basketball court, washers, horseshoes, fields to run in, and a lake to fish in. We spent most of our time by the lake.

Mason played on the bridge the whole time, unless he was chasing Timothy around.

Timothy and daddy walked around the lake and fished.

It was another gorgeous day. I think that everyone had fun!

Sunday evening we spent at my dad and Judee's. The boys experienced a first.

More on that tomorrow!

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