Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Conclusion....

Because I know your all dying to know what else we did this weekend. OK so maybe your not, just humor me!

Saturday we meet up with my mom, we wanted to take the kids to the Botanical Garden's for the Dino Quest. She has coupons that we need to use before the end of the month and the weather was just perfect. On our drive there we realized that the coupons are not good for this weekend, because of the Japanese festival. BUMMER. We decided to try and go there anyway because we just wanted to enjoy the weather.

NOT a good idea. It was so packed we couldn't even get close to park. We ended up just turning around and coming up with something else to do. We decided to try to go to Forest Park and go to either the Zoo or just walk around the park. Another bad idea, we couldn't even get close to Forest Park because of all the traffic. Apparently everyone else thought it was beautiful out too!

We finally came up with the Museum of Transportation since the boys have never been there and it would be something they would really enjoy.

It turned out to be perfect. I am so glad we thought of it. I think Timothy's favorite was all the old time cars, he went into the building to look at them all at least 3 times.

We enjoyed a tram ride.

The tram dropped us off at the train station and we rode a mini train around! Timothy was in heaven, and Taylor was loving the wind in her face and her hair a blowin!

We then spent the rest of our time checking out the "big" trains. Timothy was so focused, he looked like he was on a mission the check out every single train. And trust me there was A LOT of trains.

We climbed through some of them, twice!

I don't know what it is about boys and their trains.

We then ended the day by taking a ride on a street car. And ringing the trains whistle....which we had to do a couple times!

On the way to the van Timothy spotted this in the parking lot.

So ofcourse we went up to check it out!

I think this was the perfect place to take the boys. We all really enjoyed ourselves. I plan to take them back and probably by a season pass for next year.

That night my mom wanted to take the boys overnight. This was the first time they were away from me overnight, without me being in the hospital having a baby. It was night to have a quite evening with just Taylor.

This morning Taylor and I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things before picking the boys up. I was so happy to finally see them! We all went and grabbed some McDonalds and went to the park for a picnic and waited until daddy was off work.

It has been a busy but fun weekend. Not sure what our plans are for Labor Day, but I am sure we will go somewhere, maybe! Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe!

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