Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Ice Cream Truck

Sunday evening at my dad's house the boys got to experience a first, it is something I remember looking forward to in the summer as a child.

They got to pick out their first ice cream from the ice cream truck! And boy were they excited!

Normally when the ice cream truck comes by we ignore it. Who really wants to blow money on over prices ice cream from a creepy guy driving a van around the neighborhood.

But on Sunday evening we said what the heck. It's OK if the boys didn't have lunch, and this just may spoil their dinner. It's about making memories, right?!

So we let the boys pick out any ice cream they wanted. Timothy choose Ninja Turtles and Mason choose Scooby doo. We spent $10 too much, but their excitement made it all worth it.

I remember like it was yesterday. Summers at my cousin's house, swimming in the pool and hearing the ice cream truck miles away.

We would jump out of the pool run and ask for some money. Most of the time we were given money to pick out an ice cream!

I looked forward to those summers at my cousin's, swimming, and eating ice cream from the ice cream truck!

And by the looks of it, the boys love the ice cream truck too!

They were a mess by the time they were done. Timothy ate his whole Ninja Turtle ice cream!

Mason couldn't keep up with his melting ice cream. I think he got discouraged by his chocolate covered hand that he gave up. Have you ever hear of a boy who doesn't like to be dirty?! Well that's Mason!

It was fun. Oh and the best part.......
They still ate dinner. LOTS of dinner :)

Our first experience with the ice cream truck was a success. I see lots of these days in our future. I think I need to find a part time job to cover the cost though!

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