Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On Monday, the morning after Tim had to put Duke to sleep he took off work.

Since Duke getting sick and his death was unexpected, we did not have it in our budget to deal with it. As I mentioned before the main reason that we could not keep him in the ICU and possibly save him was because we had no money. Tim couldn't even get approved for a credit card to cover the expenses.

But we still had to pay for the 2 hours he was at the hospital, the IVs, the tests they ran, and of course putting him to sleep. In all, that night cost us about $300. We did not have that much in our account, so we had to borrow some money from his grandparents. I am grateful that we have family that will help us out when we are in need.

So that's how we spent our Monday. We buried our puppy in the morning and then headed to his grandparents house to get some money.

It was kind of a nice distraction to the previous night.

We spent some time outside getting some fresh air. Letting the kids run wild!

We brought our other dog, Lando with us to play with Tim's grandparents dog, Cooper. Which used to be our dog a long time ago (LONG story). The boys enjoyed running around chasing the dogs. Or in this case trying to get the dogs to chase them.

We escaped reality, even if it were just for a few hours.

We then had dinner, Timothy almost fell asleep on great grandma and grandpa's couch, which prompted our trip back home for bed.

We are doing OK. It's amazing how important a pet is to your family. Sometimes you don't realize it until they are gone. We still miss him bunches, but were going to be just fine.

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Corinne said...

I am so sorry for your loss...
But those smiles on your kids :) They are precious.


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