Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Roller Coaster Weekend

This weekend has been crazy.

Friday we had to run some errands, and pay rent. It was around lunch time so we decided to eat at the new Chick Fil A that was built close to us. It was a little busy, but I LOVE their food and Tim had never been there. SO we ate and then let the kids play for a while. Since it was so nice out, we went to the park after lunch to let the kids run off a little more energy. Then we headed to Blockbuster to return a game, and finally home for the night. It was a relaxing day.
Saturday we had lunch at Main Street Cafe, which is a nice little cafe in town. We had never ate there, but it was yummy. The great thing about that lunch trip, was the boys ate all their food! This is unusual lately. Then we headed to the store because Tim needed some deodorant, and just to look around. The boys got a few toys, a new cap gun, and a remote control helicopter. I got Taylor some new hair bows. The funny thing is, we left forgetting the deodorant. If only we could have know what the next day would have brought, we would not have made this trip to the store.

We left the store, and went home to play with our new toys in the yard. It was another beautiful day, so we were taking advantage of it and playing in the yard. Partly to get them tired enough for bed!

The boys rode bikes.

Taylor took a nap.

The boys watched daddy test out the remote control helicopter.

Timothy made Mason push him around the yard. And Mason did it!

Taylor woke up from her nap, and played with mommy!

Timothy tried his new play gun.

It was another great day!

All the fun came to a screeching halt on Sunday evening. We realized Duke was sick. As I have mentioned before, he has not always been the best eater. I think part of it was Lando, our other dog, hogging the food. But he was getting pretty skinny, and was not wanting to eat or drink. Tim noticed his eyes were all gooped shut, and he would not walk. He appeared to be very weak.

Tim game him a bath and that helped his eyes, and he was trying to walk, but kept falling over. We tried to give him some water with a syringe and wet dog food all smashed up. He wouldn't really take it. I finally told Tim he needed to take him to the animal hospital because he was not looking good. I figured he had something, probably worms since he had never had any of his shots since we got him. He was only 8 months old.

So Tim left around 7 for the hospital. I knew in my heart that in my heart he was not going to be coming home, but I had hope that maybe they could get him better. I had guilt for not taking better care of him. We should have gotten him help awhile ago. This was all my fault.

Once at the hospital they took him right away and hooked him up to an IV for fluids and began to run tests. They found his Glucose level was severely low for a puppy, and his body temperature was so low it wouldn't even register on the thermometer. They began to try and warm him up with blankets, but it wasn't working.

Then they found the Hookworms, I knew it.

They tried to get him to eat, and he barely at anything. She had game him a slim chance of survival. We had a few options. We could put him in the ICU for 3 days and he could probably survive, but it would cost $1500, we could not afford that. She said they could put it on a credit card and we could make payments, but we were denied for the credit card due to our horrible credit. She then said we could take him home and do the IVs and stuff from home, but that she didn't think he would survive and would suffer.

We DID NOT want him to suffer, or for the kids to see him die.

It was then that Tim knew he had to put him to sleep. It was an incredibly hard decision for him. I was heartbroken. Yes, another dog was not really what I wanted, and yes he did upset me on a daily basis, but this was not what I wanted to happen.

Tim brought Duke home in a box. We sat on the living room floor and cried over him body, stoking his head. Tim was so sad he didn't know how to handle it, I was feeling an immense amount of guilt. Duke should still be here with us.

We buried him the next morning in the backyard. That was equally as hard. Tim is still sad, I still feel guilty, but we will make it. I know he is in a better place. I know he is not hurting.

I hope he knows how much we love him.

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