Friday, September 24, 2010

Today Is A New Day!

And I am going to smile!

I am so blessed to be the mommy to 3 awesome kids. They bring so much joy to my life.

And when I am having a bad day, all I have to see is their sweet faces.

Here their laughter. It's intoxicating!

So enough with all the negativity, and being a Debbie downer.

I only have 1 life to live, and I am going to make the most of it.

So yesterday was the first day of Fall. FALL! I cannot believe it is that time of year already.

Tim's work truck was at the shop, so we had to drop him off at work that morning. We then all went back home to get dressed since we left in our pajama's. We decided to meet daddy for lunch around noon and then head to the park. There was no point in driving all the way back home, because we would have to pick him up from work in a few hours.

We went to Kirkwood Park, which is one of my favorites! There is so much to do.

They have 2 different playgrounds. One for the older kids and one for the smaller guys. They also have spray fountains when it's hot out, and sand to play in.

It definitely did not feel like fall out though. It was hot, in the 90s.

We are really going to miss the parks during the winter!

And one of the best things about spending an afternoon running, climbing, swinging, and sliding.......

it wears them out. They take good naps, and go to bed early at night!

We had a great first day of Fall. Although after about 2 hours at the park, they were not the only ones hot and exhausted.

I had to drag them away. Ok so I didn't really drag them, but I had to bribe them with the promise of soda, just to get them to leave.

I love when I can tell they are so drained. Tired, hungry, and crabby but they just do not want to leave.

With sweat dripping off their faces, and sand in their shoes. We headed home. After a wonderful first day of fall.

And now that is is officially fall, I can start planning for Halloween, apple picking, pumpkin patch visits, bonfires in our backyard, and cooler weather!

How did you spend your day?

* I just want to say thank you for all the kind words on my previous post. It means more than you know.

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Nicoolmama said...

I do not think you are being a "debbie downer" by saying how you feel. We all get down and god bless blogs for letting us work through our thoughts and feelings with our words.

Hugs...I also miss your posts this week! :)


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