Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girl can't catch a break

Yesterday Taylor seemed to be doing a little better. She nursed all day long and didn't need any bottles. I also only had to pump until let down once or twice, which has been the problem. I am cautiously optimistic that she is taking a turn and heading down the right path now and we can get back to the way things were. The real test will be to see if she is gaining weight, because I don't want her loosing anymore weight. At her age she should be gaining, I want her to be healthy. SO cross your fingers, and pray that it was just a bug or something and she will be fine.

Just when I thought things would settle down, we were off to the hospital. Last night when I was putting Taylor's pajama's on I heard her arm pop when I was putting it in the sleeve. Instant tears and screaming. I knew it was hurting, but I got her to settle down long enough to eat and then she feel asleep. So I let her sleep. The minute she woke up, she looked like she was in pain. She really wasn't moving her arm and would cry when I tried to move it for her. I was thinking her arm got pulled out of the socket or dislocated.

I called the doctor's after hours number and explained what happened. They said it sounded like what is called nursemaids elbow, but that I should probably take her in to have it looked at. So I fed her before we left so she wouldn't be hungry while we were there and I didn't know how long we would end up being there.

Once at the hospital she was all smiles in the waiting room. Charming everybody who would talk to her, probably due to the Motrin I gave her before we left the house. She was still barely using her arm, the only time was when she was crying and upset she would bring in up to her chest. The doctor came in picked her up, said oh she looks fine, she is moving it, but I will order an x-ray just to be sure. The whole time we waited for the x-ray she just lied there on the bed with her arm to her side and never moved it, and would cry if I touched it.

They finally did the x-ray, and then the doctor came in to tell us that all looked perfect. That they couldn't see anything wrong, and that was that. They sent us home. I was a upset that they didn't spend more time watching how she WASN'T using her arm, or feeling it more. The whole 2 hours I was there, I spoke with the doctor maybe 5 minutes. I just couldn't believe that nothing was wrong, I mean she is not using her arm! But we left, in hopes that maybe it would be better by morning.

This morning when she woke up she was still not really using her arm. When laying on the floor to play she would only use the right arm. She always plays with her feet, rolls all over the place. But nope she just lied there, she was happy, but was still not willing to use her arm. I debated back and forth with Tim all morning about calling the doctor and having it looked at again. We decided to see how the day went. Tim stretched her arm and rubbed it some and she finally started to use it some. Not fully, but at least she is moving it. I was beginning to worry.

I am hoping that maybe if it did pop out of place, that she popped it back in on her own and it's just still sore or something. I am pretty sure she will be fine, I was just worried that I really hurt her. Poor girl, after all she has been through, that was the last thing she needed.

Here is to hoping next week going a little more smooth! Have a great weekend!

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