Monday, February 21, 2011

Timothy's Birthday Night

As I mentioned, on Friday night we did cake and presents at Tim's grandparents house with them and his parents. My mom, and dad and Judee could not make it.

Tim got stuck at work even though he asked to get off on time because it was his son's birthday. He didn't get there until 7:45pm so we were doing cake and presents at 8- 8:30pm, which the kids bedtime is around 8. They did good though!

First we did the cake. As soon as we put the cake down both Mason and Timothy put their fingers in the icing!

Then we lit the candle, turned the lights off, and sang happy birthday to my big guy. He was NOT thrilled. He began to hide his face and cry because for some reason he did not want us to sing to him! He did that to me when he woke up that morning and I tried to sing to him. How funny is that?!

The cake was delicious, and you could tell the boys liked it by all the icing on their faces!

Then of course it was present time! Mason was such a good boy and helped his brother open the presents. There was no fighting, yelling, or crying.

New Lightning McQueen undies!

Some clothes.

A new Nerf gun!

And a monster truck from great grandma and grandpa!

It was a great night! But by the time we were all done and cleaned up, it was going on 9:30. The boys were extremely tired, and neither Tim or I really wanted to drive all the way back home. So we decided to stay the night there and head home in the morning.

Sounds like a good plan except, I forgot that I needed to go to my moms the next day because she wanted to give Timothy his gift. That morning I really needed to run home so we could all change clothes, and I could maybe jump in the shower. But I just couldn't bring myself to drive 30+ minutes all the way to our house, and then turn around and drive right back to my moms.

So that morning when Tim left for work, the kids and I left Tim's grandparents house and swung by my mom's. We had the same clothes on from the day before, I was tired, and I just really wanted a hot shower. So in case you are wondering, that is why Timothy has the same clothes on from the night before.

I promise we shower and don't wear the same clothes 2 days in a row, under normal circumstances!

He got a the Lightning McQueen racing game for the Wii, and the steering wheel for the game! He was SO excited! We opened it right a way and he played it the whole time we were at grandma's. And he has been asking to play it everyday since!

I think Timothy had a great birthday! I am so excited for his and Taylor's party on Sunday. So bare with me, we will have a few more birthday posts!


Heather M said...

Birthdays are sooo much fun!! I cant wait to see the more!!! I hope your having a great week!

b. lee said...

what a fun cake! looks like a sweet birthday * *


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