Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday, Park, and Getting Off Track!

On Friday the kids and I met daddy for lunch since it was Timothy's birthday. We had Steak N Shake, I was craving a chocolate shake like crazy! After lunch it was so beautiful out that I decided to take the kids to the park. We just couldn't pass up the weather. Even though the kids still had coughs, we needed fresh air and at least at the park we were not all cooped up at like the mall or something spreading our germs.

Boy, you would have thought that we hadn't been out of the house in months. And really we haven't been able to go play outside in months because of the weather. This past week though the weather has been perfect. We have had windows open, we have been playing outside.

I am sure that being outside though is not helping their cough. It has been a week and all three our still coughing. Timothy you can tell is getting better, hardly coughs during the day. But poor Mason and Taylor are at the height of whatever this bug is, and they are coughing so bad. So I feel bad taking them out to play or anything, but they have no other symptoms, they are not acting sick, and honestly I think I might go crazy if I have to stay in the house while the weather is so nice.

So as I was saying, after lunch we drove down the street to the park to let the kids burn off some energy. Tim's mom and grandma met us there since Tim's grandparents house is only like a few minutes away. I know that grandma really enjoyed being out and having the chance to watch the kids play. She sat on that park bench soaking it all in, with a perma grin. I love her.

After a while Tim's dad showed up on his motorcycle. Timothy and Mason were thrilled after they realized who it was. We spent a couple hours running, jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging. There is nothing like wear kids out with fresh air!

Earlier in the week we decided to just have a very small little something on Timothy's actual birthday. Tim's mom really wanted to make a cake, and we were just going to have our parents out. Just do some dinner, cake, and presents. Nothing big since his party is this Sunday. But my dad and Judee, and my mom were not going to be able to make it so by the time we were ready to leave the park I decided not to drive all the way home. So we just went right over to Tim's grandparents house. That way they didn't have to transport the cake all the way to our house since no one else was coming but them. And this allowed Tim's grandparents to be able to participate in everything, which they don't get to do very often. And I know they were thrilled to be able to watch him with his cake and open presents.

I will post the pictures from that night with the cake and presents tomorrow. We had a good time, Timothy enjoyed his cake, well everyone did. And of course he enjoyed his presents. I think Timothy had a great day! We have his and Taylor's party coming up on Sunday at The Little Gym. I hope we have a decent turn out. Really I hope the kids are better by then. If not that would be two weeks being sick and we might have to think about taking them somewhere. I hate being the parents that runs to the doctor for every little sneeze or cough, so I usually try and let things run their course unless it gets bad. But they shouldn't be coughing still after two weeks, so hopefully in a few days they are all better.

It's hard to look at Timothy now and say that he is 4. I still don't want to believe that my baby is 4, gosh it is crazy how time flies. I remember when he was a baby, I couldn't wait for him to grow, to walk, to talk, to be able to run around at the park. And now, there are days that I wish I could go back for just a day. To remember holding him as that tiny baby, to soak it up. I think finally when Taylor was born I knew that I needed to soak it up. I didn't wish for her to grow any faster, and I just took in EVERYTHING. Even the middle of the night feedings.

Now, I am a week away from celebrating my baby girls 1st birthday. And only 2 weeks from her actual birthday. ONE. My youngest, my sweet girl will be 1. Seriously, time and I need to have a talk. Then in about 5 months Mason will turn 3! I will have a 4, 3, and 1 year old. This is crazy talk.

Now, I am all off track and all emotional. This was suppose to be just a simple update about Timothy's birthday, and about the park. You know show off some pictures. I tend to do that though, get all off track and emotional. Tim is probably wondering what I am crying about now!

Anyway, back on track. I think the weather is suppose to cool off again, boo. Tomorrow Tim's mom is planning on BBQing, we might be over there. But again it depends on the kids, I hate bringing them by his grandparents for fear of getting them sick. I guess we will just see what the morning brings.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a wonderful week. Anybody have any fun plans for the week?

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b. lee said...

awww * fresh/bright pics * was so awesome to get outside get some play in last week! back to cold this week ... booo!


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