Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

First off, I would just like to say thank you for all the sweet comments. Your words of support are very much appreciated. It did feel good to hit publish and just get it out there, so thank you for listening.

The other day we bought Timothy the Kinectimals game for the Xbox Kinnect. Have you guys seen this game? Timothy LOVES it!

He picked a panther, and has named it Sparky! It is a cute game, and it is a lot of fun watching him play.

I actually have video of him playing it that I will have to upload here soon. So check this game out if you have a little one at home!

We haven't really been doing much this past week, well for a while is seems because of all this snow and ice. Every time the snow starts to melt, and it snows again. I am SO looking forward to park weather. The days where you could spend all day at the park, eat lunch there, and then go home with wore out kids!

But it looks like it is suppose to warm up here after today. We are talking 50 degrees! WOOHOO! I am ready, be prepared for some park pictures because that is where we will be!

Tonight we are taking the boys to see Mickey's Magic Show Live! We will be leaving Taylor with my mom. I am so excited. Mason is obsessed with Mickey and watches Mickey in the mornings on Playhouse Disney. So I should have some pictures tomorrow of our fun night out!

I was joking, king of, on facebook last night that too bad this wasn't a night out just Tim and I. Because boy do I need a break. Being cooped up in the house is making the boys nuts during the day. It doesn't help that I don't think Tim and I have been out just the two of us since Mason was a baby, and he will be turning 3 this year. To say we are long overdue is and understatement. We desperately need to get out for the night.

Have a great Thursday!

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Kimberly said...

OOOH I hope you get out on a date soon!!
being cooped up with 3 small kids can be draining..(BTDT)

My boys got a XBox Kinnect for Xmas. they went to hook it up and the television DIED! we are still without a TV and had to take the XBOX/Kinnect Back- so will be able to get a new TV (it was a family gift- not just a Kids Kids- and Brian figured the family needs a TV)

BTW, I have a new CSI Blog up! thought you'd be interested.


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