Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Storm

wasn't much of a "historic" storm if you ask me.

We have ice, we have lots of ice.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Sunday night I ran up to the gas station to get milk and bread. The store shelves were bare, all the news was talking about was this "historic" storm we were going to be getting. They were even talking about it being a repeat of the St. Louis blizzard of 1982, and while I was not born at that time, I have seen the pictures and it was bad.

Well Monday came and we were prepared. It was a lazy day, inside waiting for the storm. There were toys strewn all over the house, cartoons on the TV, lots of laughter. Oh and puzzle building. Timothy and Mason got some new Lightning McQueen puzzles for Christmas and we broke those out of the boxes!

Then there was fort building, this was the big hit of the day! We threw blankets over the top bunk of their bed to where they hung down to enclose the bottom bunk in darkness. Timothy was giddy with excitement over his new hiding spot.
We laid in there talking and giggling, tickling, and telling stories! We were in the moment. It felt like time was standing still. Just me and my boys.
But of course no snow, or ice, day would be complete without playing Lego's inside the fort!
Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and then naps. It was that moment that I looked outside and realized the freezing rain. You could hear it hitting the windows, the pavement. Like someone was dropping little ice cubes from the sky. But that's all there was, no snow, no blizzard.

By Tuesday morning I awoke to this.
Ice covered the streets, vehicles, the ground, everything was under a thick layer of ice. And the freezing rain was still going. It was heavy. It did that all. day. long. We were iced in!

The day felt like deja vu. The house quickly became littered with toys all over again. By afternoon the "storm" was more sleet than freezing rain. The ground looked like it had snowed, but it was just ice and sleet. Timothy was begging to go out and ride his four wheeler in the "snow". Daddy gave in.

This has become Timothy's favorite thing to do when it snows. He loves doing doughnuts. In the beginning it used to give me a slight heart attack, but I have gotten used to them doing this. Timothy loves it, they are safe, they're not going very fast. And Timothy always wears his helmet.
Mason and Taylor stayed inside. Mason watching from the kitchen door, laughing when they would get close!

Still by the evening we only had sleet, no snow, no blizzard, no "historic" storm. The news kept talking about all the snow that was coming that would hit St. Louis. We always knew that we wouldn't get quite as much being slightly south of St. Louis.

By the pm news, their predictions changed, they said that the storm was heading more North than they anticipated and we wouldn't get hit as hard. I was a little bummed. I kinda wanted to see a good snow fall, a blizzard.
They were still worried about all the ice on the power lines causing power outages. Luckily we haven't had any of that. I pray that we don't loose power. When we went to bed last night we had a good solid 3 inches, if not more, of ice/sleet on everything.

This morning we woke up with about maybe 3 inches of snow out. But that's it. Were not stuck, not snowed it, no "historic" storm. We could make it to the store more milk and bread if we had too. Granted the roads are a little icy and just crappy in general. But a lot of hype for nothing. Although I do know that some areas of Missouri do have 9+ inches to 14 and probably more. I guess I am OK with our 3 inches of snow, but I would rather of had more snow and less ice.
And now the news it talking of more snow on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Oh how I dream of summer!

Did you dodge this winter storm? Or did you get hit?

Hope you all are staying warm!


b. lee said...

happy Groundhog Day!!! Phil predicts Spring is around the corner * HOLLA to that!!!

Ashley said...

Yikes getting iced in sounds plenty scary to me! Worse than snow! I love the media, they always create such a frenzy. Great pictures!


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