Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Honored

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on today to give a quick update, and seen all my new friends!! Then I realized I was featured on For The Love Of Blogs!! I was so excited, but sad that I totally missed it because we have been so busy.

So welcome my new friends, I am so glad you stopped by! And thank you all for the sweet and thoughtful comments. SO much appreciated!

I wanted to jump on to give a quick update. Yesterday we went shopping. Big time shopping. We finally got a new TV. I remember one of the blogs I am following(sorry, I can't remember who) talking about being the last people in the world to get a new flat big screen TV, and thinking nope we still haven't. Now we have one!! We bought that and then had to buy a new entertainment center for it, and I got my camera.

I decided on the Nikon D3100 and I am in LOVE! I might go a little crazy with all the settings and trying to figure everything out. I have been playing with it since I got it! So if anyone has any suggestions or advice on learning, or websites, or anything that would be great.

I have been shooting in Manuel, and seem to be doing OK. I have a busy day today where I will get a lot of practice out of my camera. I will be back later tonight with LOTS of pictures, so I hope your ready for them!

And with that I am off to get ready for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Holly Ann said...

I still don't have a flat screen and probably won't until our dinosaur of a TV finally dies. :)

Heather M said...

WOOHOOOO!!!! Congrats on the feature!!! How exciting!!! YAY for your new camera, lots of fun stuff to learn!


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