Monday, February 28, 2011

Angie's Baby Shower!

Angie and Chris are good friends of ours, and they are expecting their 2nd a little boy.

They have a daughter who is 18 months old, Alyssa, who you have probably seen pictures of. She is such a doll, and a REALLY good girl!
Saturday her sister and family threw her a small surprise shower at Chris's Aunt's house. She had no idea until she pulled down the street and seen all the cars and balloons on the mailbox!

*totally did not have the settings right for this picture

Tim's mom stayed with at our house with the all three kids, so I was out of the house ALONE for a couple of HOURS! I was ecstatic! It was definitely a much needed break, and I had a great time.

We played a few games, like the classic diaper one. You have to sniff the diapers, which contain melted candy bars in them, and figure out what candy bar it is. Funny! I didn't do too well at any of the games, I just wasn't on my A-game!

There was lots of good food and socializing. Which being a stay at home mom, I always welcome anytime!

Alyssa was the only little one there, and she was hamming it up! She has always been such a happy baby, but Saturday she was flashing those grins. She the funniest expressions too! She was all over the place, playing with every ones camera's, then phones', and eventually her brother's new toys!

This was my first time really getting to shoot with my new camera, and I don't think I did too bad. Just trying to get used to all the settings, and what settings to use under certain circumstances. I think the hardest things to figure out, the indoor pictures with the poor lighting, I tend to get the orange pictures. I am sure it's because I have quite figures out where my settings should be. I have been shooting in manual so I need to just keep practicing.

Chris and Angie got a ton of great gifts for baby Christopher Jr. He is spoiled already. I can not wait to see his, and hold and see his sweet little face! I am sure Angie cannot wait either. I told her any day now and I would be ready!

Congrats Chris, Angie, and Alyssa! I can't wait to meet this new little guy!

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b. lee said...

good times * what a sweet blue & brown knitted blanket :)


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