Thursday, July 29, 2010

Timothy's Best Friend

Today is Timothy's best friend Nicco's birthday party.

Unfortunately we will miss it. Timothy will be upset. Timothy and Nicco love playing together. His mom Kelly and I get a kick out of watching these two. They are so silly. I am glad Timothy has such a great friend. Bummed we are going to miss his party. Happy 3rd birthday Nicco! Have a great day!

The reason why we have to miss Nicco's party....Mason and Taylor are sick. I noticed early in the week that Mason was started to get congested. Then the runny nose and cough started. Then before I knew it Taylor had it. That didn't really surprise me since Mason cannot stay away from her. It's like it doesn't matter how hard he tries he is drawn to her, and has to be right in her face loving on her.

So now here I am with two sick kiddos. Bad coughs, congestion, and snot bubbles. Yep it's as gross as it sounds. Ugh I can handle poopy diapers, but there is just something about kids snot that bothers me! We are going on day 4 and I am hoping they get better soon. I really don't want to have to make a trip to the doctor, especially since Mason goes for his 2 year check up in a week.

I was thinking Mason was just getting his 2 year molars, but now I am not so sure since Taylor caught it. Despite not feeling so good, they are not really acting it. Well besides sleeping more and Mason's all day long crying fits. No seriously, he cries, well more like screams, ALL DAY LONG!!!

Send us some healthy vibes so we can kick these germs to the curb!

Gotta love baby leg warmers!!

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