Monday, July 26, 2010

Another birthday post.

Yep it's another birthday post. On Friday evening we went to Tim's aunt Shari's house for dinner. Mason got some birthday cards and we enjoyed some brownies for his birthday!

Then on Saturday, his actual birthday, we spend the morning at home and then went to my dad and Judee's in the afternoon. It was SO hot out that we did a little swimming, but spent most of the time in the house trying to stay cool. Mason opened up some presents from PaPa and Judee, and we had Ruma's for dinner. Yummy!! Mason really liked his gifts. He got Lightning McQueen swimming trunks, chair, and bike. It was a low key birthday since his party is not for another 2 weeks. Yep that means I will have one more birthday post. Your welcome!

We have now officially dove into the "terrible" two's!


Nicoolmama said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mason!!

Looks like you guys celebrated right! I adore Mason's hair...

Anonymous said...

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