Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teething Madness

I think teething has kicked in full force. The past few weeks Taylor has been drooling non stop, chewing on everything..especially her fingers, and being a tad bit crabby. OK so a lot crabby.

Oh and nursing non stop. Nursing a crabby teething baby. NOT FUN! LOTS of biting. The crazy thing is I don't see any teeth even close to coming in, and I can't really feel any. But believe me the biting and tugging while eating says it all. OUCH!

I know, you don't believe me now. But I am telling you she will go from this to screaming at the top of her lungs, crying so hard she can't catch her breathe, in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes mommy needs a break and so she is left to tell someone else all her frustrations. That sucker was Timothy. I can see it in his face, he has no empathy for her.

"Sorry sissy, I have already been down that road, I have paid my dues. It's your turn now"!

Then I crack, and give her some extra snuggles. I let her cry out her frustrations with me and I just try to soothe her the best way I can.

Maybe with the help of those magical teething tablets. If you have a teething baby these things are AMAZING! Lots of frozen washcloths, or teething toys, and maybe some Tylenol if things get really bad.

Luckily it's not that bad yet. She is still sleeping at least 8+ hours at night. So we are all good!

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