Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on the kids

Well Wednesday I called the new doctor that I have been wanting to switch to and scheduled Taylor a check up. She will go in July 7th for her 2 and 4 month checkup since we missed he 2 month one. I also was able to have Timothy seen that afternoon to make sure all was OK.

We LOVE the new doctor and staff they were great! She checked Timothy's ears and everything was good there, and then she checked the throat and said it was pretty red. She tested for strep throat and it was negative, thank god. She said it looks like a virus and he should be back to his normal self in a few days.

It didn't even take a few days. By that night he was running around destroying the house, and terrorizing the dogs and Mason. And the fever never came back!! Taylor has not had anymore problems with her eyes, and Mason seems to be all better too!

Thankfully these germs did not stick around. Today we decided to get out of the house, to let the kids burn off some energy. Really so I would not loose my mind. We went to the park this morning and met some friends. It was a gorgeous morning. We then went to Pa Pa and Judee's where we spent the rest of the day and night swimming.

It was a nice day. The kids should sleep in tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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